Supreme Court Examines Trump’s Wall

Supreme Court Examines Trump’s Wall

The US Supreme Court is set to scrutinize two controversial policies of President Donald Trump.


The chief justices decided on Monday to take up his objection to the decision that he should not put military money in the wall at the border with Mexico.

The highest court is also looking at whether Trump’s “stay in Mexico” policy is legal. Last year, the San Francisco court ruled that that policy, requiring tens of thousands of migrants to awaiting their US asylum applications in Mexico, is likely to violate national immigration laws and international treaties.

The measure can remain in force for the time being while it is legally contested. The Supreme Court is now hearing Trump’s appeal against this verdict.

Reducing illegal migration is a spearhead for Trump. He promised to build a wall on the border with Mexico during his election campaign in 2016.

The legal battle over the financing of the border wall led to a temporary closure of the federal government in early 2019 due to a lack of money. After parliament refused to release money for the wall, Trump decided to turn the situation on the border into a national emergency in order to pump $ 8.1 billion into the project.

The Trump administration decided to use funds from the defence budget for this, while parliament had already earmarked it for other purposes, such as combating organized crime.

A judge ruled in June that the government had no authority to transfer the money to the wall project, which Trump appealed. The Supreme Court is now going to consider it.

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