Spain Wants A Maximum of Six People At Christmas Celebrations

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The Spanish government is considering limiting Christmas celebrations to six people. That number would be low enough, according to health experts, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


“This number doesn’t just come from anywhere,” Prime Minister Sanchez told a press conference in Mallorca. “It’s a number that health experts and scientists say are strict and restrictive enough to prevent another wave of infections.”

The plan that the Spanish government released on Wednesday has yet to be discussed with the regional authorities, so it could still change.

In some regions, such as Catalonia and Madrid, the authorities are calling for a less strict limit of ten people during the holidays.

In Spain, 1,594,844 people have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, which puts the country in sixth place worldwide.

On Tuesday, the death toll rose by 537 to 43,668. That was the highest daily rise in the second wave so far.

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