Singapore Government No Longer Wants to Pay for Care for Unvaccinated Corona Patients

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The Asian city-state of Singapore is stopping free care for corona patients who voluntarily do not want to be vaccinated. But, as in other states, pressure is increasing on unvaccinated people to get the shot still.


Until now, the government in Singapore has paid the medical costs for care of all corona patients when it comes to its own citizens, but also for foreigners who reside there permanently or people who have worked there for a long time.

However, the Asian city-state government is tired of paying for the costs of care for corona patients who do not want to be vaccinated. That is the vast majority of people in intensive care.

However, according to the government, those people can still go to regular health insurance for the costs. In addition, children and people who cannot be vaccinated for special reasons will still be able to count on government support.

In Singapore, 85 percent of people eligible for vaccination have been double vaccinated. At least 18 percent of them have had a third vaccination. Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in Asia and has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Much of it belongs to the private sector, but Singaporeans must spend a certain amount of their income on health insurance.

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