Security Sharp at Wedding Prince Harry

Security Sharp at Wedding Prince Harry

At the wedding of the British Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, everything must be arranged on Saturday, especially in the area of ​​safety. The security will cost tens of millions of euros, but everything has been thought of. The Sun thus reported that even the wedding cake has its royal security team.


To avoid disturbances within Windsor Castle, the six hundred guests must pass through security gates. Furthermore, the newspaper Evening Standard reported that steel obstacles must prevent an attack with a vehicle. Besides, the first large concrete blocks have already been installed in Windsor and cameras with license plate recognition have been hung up, says eBuzzFeed. The expectation is that around 100,000 people will travel to the town. All drivers are screened, and the bags searched. At the end of April, the special units of the British army and the police already did some secret dress rehearsal of the wedding day.

Because of Harry’s past with the army, members of the British forces have an important role in marriage. More than 250 members will be present during the ceremony in St. George’s Castle and the tour by coach. The streets around Windsor Castle are full of soldiers, and the music comes from the band of the Irish guard. “The army, and these units, in particular, have great significance for Prince Harry and the couple are incredibly grateful for their support,” a Kensington Palace spokesperson said earlier.

In addition to all preparations in and around Windsor, the London bakery is also guarded where the wedding cake was made. The guards keep an eye on the bakery daily in the run-up to 19 May. That also happened in the days before the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. The purpose of security is to ensure that the creation does not leak out prematurely and of course to avoid the cake, worth around £ 20,000. , is stolen.

The wedding starts with the wedding ceremony in St. George’s Chapel at noon (local time). After an hour the newly married couple leaves the church for a two-kilometre driving tour through Windsor. Then there is another reception.

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