Samsung Galaxy S10 with Five Camera Lenses

Samsung Galaxy S10 with Five Camera Lenses

Samsung Galaxy S10 with Five Camera Lenses. The Galaxy S10 phone from Samsung may have five camera lenses: two on the front and three on the back.


Under the three camera lenses on the back, there would be a wide-angle lens to take 120-degree photographs, and the Korean writes The Bell.

The other two 12-megapixel cameras are expected to remain the same as on the Galaxy S9 +. In addition to a standard lens, a telephoto lens is present on that device to zoom in twice without loss of quality.

On the front of the Galaxy S10 is according to the rumour a double camera lens. It would be sensors with 8 and 16 megapixels. The same lenses can already be found on the Samsung Galaxy A8. With the system, for example, it is easier to take selfies with a Bokeh effect, with the background a bit more blurred than the subject.

There have been several rumours about the Galaxy S10, although the device is expected to appear next year. Earlier came a message that the invention might get a 3D face scanner and that the fingerprint scanner is in the screen.

Samsung may be working on three Galaxy S10 models. Two of them are rumoured to have a 5.8-inch screen. The remainder gets a 6.2-inch screen, such as the S9 +.

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