Russians Also Want to Produce Sputnik Vaccine in Germany

Russians Also Want to Produce Sputnik Vaccine in Germany

The Russians also want to make their corona vaccine Sputnik-V in Germany. The authorities are seeking cooperation with other producers.


The German Ministry of Health confirmed contacts with the German IDT Biologika.

Interest in Sputnik has skyrocketed after British medical journal The Lancet positively reviewed the vaccine. According to the magazine, the drug can compete with Western vaccines from Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna.

In recent months, sceptical voices have been heard in the West about the world’s first exceptionally rapidly developed vaccine.

“Very shortly, we plan to start production abroad to meet growing demand in more and more countries,” a Russian government spokesman said on Wednesday. Agreements have already been made with India regarding the production of Sputnik-V.

Scientists confirm in The Lancet the results that Russia previously announced. The drug is 91.6 percent effective and is not dangerous for people who get it.

The vaccine has been widely used in Russia for a long time, and other countries are already vaccinating with Sputnik-V.

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