Russian Nobel Laureate Gives Prize to Refugees

Russian Nobel Laureate Gives Prize to Refugees

Editor-in-chief Dmitri Muratov of the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta donates his Nobel Peace Prize to the Ukrainian Refugee Fund. Muratov was the co-winner of the prestigious prize last year for his commitment to freedom of expression.


The decision was taken in consultation with the newspaper, Muratov writes on the daily website. He points out that 10 million Ukrainians have already had to leave their homes and asks auction houses to offer the “world-famous” price.

Proceeds from the medal should benefit “refugees, injured and sick children in urgent need of care”. He also calls for a ceasefire, prisoner exchanges and humanitarian corridors.

The critical newspaper was recently forced to remove reports of Russian military actions in Ukraine from its website due to censorship. Due to new legislation, publication of what is called disinformation can lead to heavy fines and up to 15 years in prison.

Many other independent media outlets have already shut down because the Russian authorities require them to rely solely on information from the Kremlin, military and ministries.

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