Russian Hypersonic Missile Hits Target 400 Kilometers Away

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Russia says it has conducted a successful test with a hypersonic cruise missile. According to the Ministry of Defence, it was launched from a warship and hit a naval target more than 400 kilometres away.


The Zircon missiles are described by President Vladimir Putin as part of a new generation of unparalleled weapons systems, the arrival of which was announced as early as 2018. It was the second test in two weeks.

Putin said in early November that the tests were nearing completion and that the Zircon missiles would be delivered to the navy from early 2022.

Hypersonic rockets have a speed of about 6200 kilometres per hour. As a result, this new generation of long-range missiles is more difficult to detect and intercept. In addition to Russia, the United States, China, and North Korea are also developing these types of missiles.

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