Republicans Block US president Joe Biden’s Electoral Law in Senate: Deeply Disappointed

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The federal electoral law that US President Joe Biden wants to get passed at all costs was blocked by Republicans in the Senate on Wednesday evening. The bill received 49 votes in favour of 51 against, CNN reports.


Afterwards, the Democrats also failed to circumvent the filibuster.

The Democrats initially needed the support of at least ten Republicans to break the filibuster and pass the law. Unfortunately, that didn’t work because not a single Republican voted with the Democrats.

In the second instance, the Democrats then tried to change the filibuster rule themselves. A normal majority was sufficient for this. However, they also bite into the sand there. In the end, all Republicans, along with Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, voted against, leaving Biden’s federal electoral law dead and buried.

Biden himself responded with disappointment on Twitter. “I am deeply disappointed that the Senate has failed to stand up for our democracy. I’m disappointed, but don’t be put off. We will move forward with necessary legislation and push for procedural changes in the Senate that will protect the fundamental right to vote,” Biden said.

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