Putin Wants to Protect Allies from Colour Revolutions

Putin Wants to Protect Allies from Colour Revolutions

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to protect Russia and friendly countries against “so-called colour revolutions”. He was referring to mass protests that can shake governments and, in his opinion, are influenced from abroad.


Putin made the statement after the Russian-dominated CSTO intervened in Kazakhstan. President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev of that former Soviet state had appealed to the military alliance after mass protests had spiralled out of control. Protesters stormed government buildings and set vehicles on fire.

At a virtual CSTO summit, the Russian president predicted that more attempts would be made in the future to influence “the internal affairs of our countries”. He said some demonstrators in Kazakhstan had been trained in foreign camps and spoke of using “Maidan techniques”.

Putin was referring to the protests in the Maidan Nezalezhnosti, a large square in the capital of Ukraine. There, massive protests in 2014 had led to the departure of the then pro-Russian president. He was later forced to flee to Russia.

According to Putin, the internet and social media are now used to get citizens to take to the streets. He called on the CSTO to come up with proposals to counter such “attempted destructive outside interventions” in the region.

Large protest movements are often named after a certain colour. For example, there was a “green movement” of protesters in Iran, and in Ukraine, a so-called Orange Revolution took place in 2004. Kazakhstan’s president has described the escalation of protests as an attempted coup in his country.

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