Putin Drives Over New Bridge to Crimea

Putin Drives Over New Bridge to Crimea

Putin Drives Over New Bridge to Crimea. Russian President Vladimir Putin drove for the first time over the 19 kilometres long bridge to Crimea. He escalated himself behind the wheel of a truck.


The bridge over the Kerch Strait connects the Russian mainland with the peninsula annexed by Moscow. Putin put a column in the orange truck with dozens of heavy vehicles. The Russian state television broadcasted that life, writes eWorldNews.

The Russian government ordered the construction of the bridge one year after the annexation of the peninsula in 2014. Motorists and other road users may use the connection from tomorrow. The train traffic is expected to use the bridge next year. Putin thanked the engineers and construction workers who were involved in the construction of the billions of dollars.

Moscow took control of Crimea after a controversial referendum. Ukraine did not recognise this referendum and still sees the peninsula as its territory. This is also the opinion of the foreign service of the European Union. It states in a statement that building the bridge without Ukrainian consent constitutes a new violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The bridge aims to integrate and isolate the illegally incorporated Crimea further with Russia, according to the service. The EU reiterates its condemnation of the annexation and says it will not recognise it.

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