Prince Harry Wants To Break Through Taboo

Prince Harry Wants To Break Through Taboo

Prince Harry Wants to Breakthrough Taboo. Prince Harry (35) and Oprah Winfrey (65) are finalising their new documentary series on mental health.


The Duke of Sussex hopes that the series, which will be released on Apple’s new streaming service next year, will have an impact on viewers.

Harry has been paying attention to the subject for years and was also frank about struggle after the death of his mother, Diana.

Two years ago, in a podcast, he mentioned that he was suffering from depression.

That inspired him to make the series with the talk show queen, he now tells.

“When I came into your podcast two years ago I realised through all the responses to that what the impact of sharing my story had,

 and what the impact of other people’s stories could have for people suffering in silence,” Harry said Wednesday.

People with psychological problems are followed in the series.

“If the viewers can identify with the pain and perhaps also with the experiences,

 it can save lives because we also focus on prevention and positive outcomes.”

Although Harry has learned to cope with the loss of his mother in recent years, it remains a process.

“What I have discovered and keep learning about mental health,

 mental illnesses and self-awareness is that everything starts and ends with the mental state,

 and how we take care of ourselves and each other.”

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