President Trump Will Meet the Queen Elizabeth Next Week

President Trump Will Meet the Queen Elizabeth Next Week

President Trump Will Meet the Queen Elizabeth Next Week. Throughout his visit to the United Kingdom next week, US President Donald Trump avoided the significant rallies in London against him. Instead, he’s drawn to the countryside.


On his forthcoming visit to the United Kingdom, US President Donald Trump is limiting his stay in the capital city of London, where large-scale protest marches are planned against him.

According to the British government, Trump will first come to dinner with business representatives on Thursday at Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill, near Oxford, writes Right News. The presidential couple spends the night in the residence of the British ambassador in London.

Trump is scheduled to meet Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday. The place for this is May’s country estate Checkers near London. After that, Trump and his wife Melania are scheduled to visit Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle outside of London. From Friday night to Sunday, the Trumps will be in Scotland – probably in Trump’s luxury golf club Turnberry.

A British government spokeswoman denied that Trump was avoiding the expected demonstrations. The places for the talks outside the capital had been chosen to hold the talks in an informal atmosphere.

The primary concern of the hosts is a free trade agreement with the US, which should revive trade relations after the EU’s exit from the UK. May aspire to an “ambitious agreement” with the US, the spokeswoman said. “Trump’s visit is an important moment to honour our close relationship.”

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