President Trump is Sending Federal Agents to Chicago and Albuquerque

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The United States government sends federal security forces to Chicago and Albuquerque. Federal agents have also been sent to Kansas and Portland in recent days.


Trump blames the mayors of those cities – not by chance all Democrats – for being too lax against street protests.

In most American cities where the Black Lives Matter protests continue, this is done peacefully and peacefully.

However, clashes between the police and protesters have occurred in some cities in recent days. President Trump is now seeking confrontation: he has asked the Justice Department to send federal law enforcement forces to Chicago, Illinois, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The local mayors fear that the violence will flare up as a result.

Trump already sent federal agents to Portland in Oregon and to Kansas City, Missouri, last week. The governor of Oregon has opposed the arrival of those men.

He has asked a federal judge to overturn the president’s decision and remove the agents from the city.

According to the governor, the local security forces are better suited to accompany the protests; federal troops would be more aggressive, making the situation worse.

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