President Macron Changed the Colour of the French Flag

President Macron Changed the Colour of the French Flag

The colours of the French flag have traditionally been blue, white and red. Yet, the French flag has been looking a little different for over a year now. President Emmanuel Macron had the blue colour darkened by a shade without communicating about it.


The French radio station Europe1 came out with the statement: the three colours that symbolize France suddenly look different. The change is in blue, which has become darker. “Emmanuel Macron touched the symbols of our country, without communicating about them,” states Europe1.

The decision to darken the blue of the French flag, from cobalt blue to navy blue, is said to have been taken on July 13, 2020. A few days before the country’s national holiday. It was Arnaud Jolens, former Elysée director, and Bruno Roger-Petit who came up with the proposal. According to the president’s entourage, the darker blue would be more elegant and better suit the country.

“But the main reason is to reconnect with the French flag of 1793,” it sounds. In short: with the revolutionary beginnings of the French republic. At the time, the blue of the drapeau Tricolore also looked darker. The colour was not lightened until the 1970s to better match the blue of the European Union flag.

President Emmanuel Macron effectively allowed the flag’s colour to be changed without communicating it is striking. Although, in theory, he shouldn’t. The Elysée also did not send out guidelines to adjust all flags in the country.

There would have been an internal discussion about the colour change in the presidential palace. Some employees believe that the flag now clashes with the European flag and that this move can also be seen as anti-European

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