President Donald Trump Accounts Blocked on Social Media

President Donald Trump Accounts Blocked on Social Media

After his supporters storm the US Capitol, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram demand that US President Donald Trump delete messages that could incite violence.


Due to the “unseen and ongoing violent situation” in Washington, Twitter demanded that US President Donald Trump remove three tweets from Wednesday. After removal, he may not tweet for 12 hours as a punishment. If Trump continues with such tweets, he could be permanently banned, Twitter said.

In one of the offending tweets, Trump wrote that the Americans “demand the truth” and that his Vice President Mike Pence “did not have the courage” to intervene. In another report, Trump said the storm resulted from “heavy-handed stealing” of his election victory. The tweets in question have since been deleted.

The post via the Twitter Safety account refers to “repeated and serious violations” of Twitter’s own “civil integrity” policies. New violations of Twitter’s rules, including those on civil integrity and those on ‘violent threats’, will lead to a permanent suspension of the account.

Facebook and Instagram have now also taken measures against Donald Trump. The US President’s Facebook account has been banned for 24 hours due to “two policy violations”. That means Trump cannot post anything to his account during that time. Trump’s Instagram account will also be locked, CEO Adam Mosseri said.

Facebook also removes content that, for example, praises the storming of the Capitol. A video message in which Trump calls on his supporters to return home, but casually mentions the alleged electoral fraud again, can no longer be found. Previously, Twitter and YouTube also deleted the video.

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