Police Officer Arrested After 33-Year-Old Woman Disappeared in London

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A British policeman has been arrested in the case of the disappeared British woman Sarah Everard.


Sarah Everard, 33, was last seen on March 3 at 10:30 pm walking home alone after visiting Clapham, a south London friend.

After the alarming disappearance, the police have launched a major search around the route to her home. Camera images are also examined.

A police officer was arrested in the investigation on Tuesday. He was off duty the night of the disappearance. A woman was also arrested at the same address in Kent on suspicion of complicity. The house has been searched. A forest and an abandoned paintball centre have also been combed through.

“The arrest is an important development,” said Commissioner Nick Ephgrave. “The fact that the arrested man works for the police is both shocking and disturbing.”

Police hope Sarah Everard is still alive.

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