Police Arrest Ten Former Employees Danske Bank

Police Arrest Ten Former Employees Danske Bank

Police Arrest ten Former employees Danske Bank in Money laundering Case. The police in Estonia arrested ten former employees of Danske Bank in connection with the massive money laundering affair at the Danish bank. They are suspected of possible involvement in the case.


The arrested people were employed at the Danske department in Estonia.

They would have been conscious of the suspicious transactions in the Estonian section,

 which processed billions of euros of dubious money flows between 2007 and 2015.

It would include illegal money from Russia. Danish,

 American and British authorities also investigate the affair.

In September, Danske said that 42 former employees and intermediaries might have been involved in the scandal,

 which has cost the head and the chairman of the bank.

In Denmark, Danske, the largest bank in the country, has now filed a complaint about her pants.

The public prosecutor in Estonia stated that the arrested people all have Estonian nationality.

The arrests were carried out Tuesday and Wednesday.

It is likely that more arrests will take place, according to the prosecutor.

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