Plane Drug Smugglers Land on Mexican Highway and Go Up in Flames

Plane Drug Smugglers Land on Mexican Highway and Go Up in Flames

An aeroplane that potentially had millions of pounds worth of drugs on board has made an emergency landing in Mexico.


The Hawker 700 jet landed on a freeway in Quintana Roo state and may have been set on fire by the crew.

Quintana Roo state police, on the Yucatan Peninsula, posted a video of the smoking device on the dual carriageway. According to the Department of Defense, the plane came from South America and was followed by two aeroplanes from the moment it entered Mexican territory.

Soldiers later discovered a vehicle in the area with about 390 pounds of white powder. This presumably concerns a shipment of cocaine with a street value of 109 million pesos.

The plane came from Maracaibo, in Venezuela, according to a local channel, but authorities have not yet confirmed that.

It is not clear whether the aircraft made an emergency landing and caught fire or was smuggled by smugglers. According to the Aviation Safety Network website, this is an old British Aerospace passenger plane.

Mexico and Venezuela are essential transit countries for cocaine. It is transported from South American countries to the United States.

Drug cartels involved in the lucrative drug trade are known to be extremely violent. In Mexico, an average of nearly 100 murders per day was reported last year.

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