Palestinians Demand an Emergency Session of the Security Council

Palestinians Demand an Emergency Session of the Security Council

The Palestinian Authority demands after protests in dozens of deaths in Gaza an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council. “We have to discuss the latest developments,” says Saeb Erekat, diplomat and general secretary of the PLO.


The Palestinian Authority demands protection from the Palestinian people under the Israeli occupation. She also wants to turn to the International Criminal Court in The Hague because of the Israeli settlements. At the request of the Arab Gulf State of Kuwait, the Security Council will discuss the issue today, reports eMedium.

The United States opened their embassy in Jerusalem yesterday. On the Gaza Strip, this provoked violent protest, with Israeli soldiers killing 55 Palestinians. Approximately 2,800 others were injured, about half of them with gunshot wounds, says the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

“Situation exploited cynically.”
The White House blames for the violence in the Gaza Strip entirely in the shoes of the radical Islamist Hamas, which is in power in the Gaza Strip. When asked whether the US should not call for more restraint because of the many deaths, US President Donald Trump’s spokesperson, Raj Shah, replied that this is not necessary because Hamas is responsible. Hamas would have exploited the situation “in a cynical way”.

The protests are also directed against the blockade of Gaza, which has been in progress for more than ten years. The Palestinians also commemorate the flight and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of civilians as a result of the establishment of an Israeli state seventy years ago.

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