Ontario State of Emergency Must End Illegal Bridge Blockade

Ontario State of Emergency Must End Illegal Bridge Blockade

The Canadian province of Ontario has declared a state of emergency in an effort to end the blockade of a major border crossing into the United States by protesters against the corona measures.


This makes it possible to hand out fines of up to 70,000 pounds, impose prison sentences of up to one year, and purchase permits.

It should be “crystal clear” that it is illegal and punishable by law to block and hinder the movement of goods on critical infrastructure, said county governor Doug Ford. “We will take all necessary steps to ensure the bridge reopens.”

Since Monday, the truckers have been blocking the Ambassador Bridge on the important trade route between Ontario and the US state of Michigan with their so-called freedom convoy. The Canadian government previously called the action illegal and called on the truckers to end their blockade. However, the US authorities have also called for action. The blockade causes problems, especially in the car industry, because parts supply is halted.

Truckers have been protesting for nearly two weeks in the capital of Ottawa, although their numbers are dwindling. As a result, a state of emergency has also been declared there. As a result, 25 arrests have been made. The police will be reinforced next weekend because more protests may be coming. Protests are also raging in Ontario, Ontario’s capital, as well as in other parts of the country.

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