One Dead and Two Wounded after Knife Attack in Paris, Police Shot Dead Person

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A knife attack on Friday in a park in Villejuif, one of the suburbs south of the French capital Paris, killed one. Another person was seriously injured, a third was slightly wounded.


The police subsequently shotted the perpetrator in a neighbouring municipality.

That is what the local prosecutor Laure Beccuau said during a short press moment near the facts.

She said nothing about the motive of the perpetrator, but her presence, and not that of the national anti-terrorist prosecution, indicates that the act is not (yet) labelled as terrorism.

The perpetrator attacked people with a knife in the Parc des Hautes-Bruyères around 2 pm. Three people were hurt, two of them seriously. One of the latter later succumbed to his injuries.

According to the mayor of Villejuif, Franck Le Bohellec, this is a 56-year-old man from the municipality who was walking with his wife. “He wanted to protect his wife and got a knife stab,” Le Bohellec told AFP.

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