Olympic Flame Can Be Seen Again In Tokyo

Olympic Flame Can Be Seen Again In Tokyo

The Olympic flame is visible to the public again. A small lantern with the flame in it will be in the Olympic Museum in the Japanese capital Tokyo until November 1.


“I understand that the athletes who are now training for the Olympic and Paralympic Games are concerned about the corona pandemic,” said Yasuhiro Yamashita of Japan’s Olympic Committee chairman.

“I think showing the Olympic flame in Japan gives them a helping hand.”

The flame was lit in Olympia, Greece, in early March. Because of the corona crisis, this happened without an audience, just like with the torch transfer.

The flame arrived in Japan on March 20. However, the planned torch relay through the country did not materialize, as Japan and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided a few days later to postpone the Games for a year.

The flame was shown to the public in Fukushima for a while, but the doors were also closed there at the beginning of April due to the virus.

It is planned that another 10,000 relay runners will show the flame all over Japan next year. As a symbol of hope, the flame will be displayed to the public in Tokyo in the coming months, in the museum near the Olympic Stadium. Visitors have to pay around 4 euros converted to enter.

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