No Country is Vaccinating As Quickly As Israel and Yet Third Corona Wave

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No country in the world is vaccinating as quickly as Israel. And yet, the country is currently inundated by the third wave of the corona, the heaviest to date.


What is going on there? And what lessons can our country draw from the situation in Israel?

All over the world, the speed with which Israel is vaccinating is being watched with great attention (and also envy). More than 200,000 people are vaccinated there every day 60 percent of the population has already received at least one injection.

And yet Israel is currently experiencing the third wave of the epidemic, which is even more severe than the previous two. “It looked very promising indeed, but the contamination figures are not going down, on the contrary”, says correspondent Ankie Rechess in “New Facts” on Radio 1.

“And that also despite a very strict lockdown, the third, already more than four For weeks, everything is closed: schools, shops, but the contamination figures are soaring.

Hospitals are overcrowded and continuously have to open new corona units. They just can’t take it. In Israel (with a population of 9 million), 4,500 people have already died from COVID-19. A quarter of that in the past month, while we were in the lockdown. “

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