Nintendo Will Make Smartphone Apps With the Company Behind Pokémon Go

Nintendo Will Make Smartphone Apps With the Company Behind Pokémon Go

The Japanese maker of game consoles and games Nintendo will develop smartphone apps with Niantic. That is the spin-off from Google that was previously behind the popular mobile game Pokémon Go.


The two want to release a new app for Pikmin this year, based on the puzzle game series that was conceived about twenty years ago by Nintendo major Shigeru Miyamoto, the spiritual father of Donkey Kong, Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda, among others.

San Francisco-based Niantic will become Nintendo’s fourth smartphone app development partner. This may mean that Nintendo will bet more on apps. Few mobile games have been released in recent years because Nintendo mainly focuses on the Switch game console games.

Pokémon Go was a worldwide hit in 2016. The game used so-called augmented reality technology.

As a result, the virtual Pokémon were, as they were, pasted into camera images from the real world. Nintendo earned relatively little from the success. That’s because Niantic then mainly did business with The Pokémon Company, which handles all marketing and licensing of the well-known media franchise.

Niantic is a global pioneer in the development of smartphone apps with augmented reality technology. It is, therefore, obvious that more Nintendo apps will use this in the future.

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