New York Terminates All Contracts With Trump’s Company

New York Terminates All Contracts With Trump’s Company

The American metropolis of New York is breaking with the company of US President Donald Trump.


Mayor Bill de Blasio says multi-million dollar contracts with The Trump Organization will be trashed because of the assault on the US parliament by supporters of the president.

De Blasio told MSNBC that his city has the right to cancel contracts if a company’s top management is guilty of criminal activity. “Calling for an uprising against the United States government” is also included, according to the Democrat.

“The city of New York wants nothing more to do with The Trump Organization,” continued De Blasio. “They have benefited from these contracts. That will end.” According to the mayor, the contracts provide Trump’s company with about 17 million dollars annually.

According to local media, the contracts include the operation of ice rinks and a public golf course.

In addition to New York City, some companies have also distanced themselves from Trump. The president is also facing a new impeachment procedure over the Capitol’s violence, which has killed several people.

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