New Vaccination Rules for Hundreds of Thousands of US Companies

New Vaccination Rules for Hundreds of Thousands of US Companies

American companies with more than 100 employees will have to deal with new vaccination rules from January 4. They must ensure that the staff is then vaccinated against the coronavirus or tested weekly, writes The Washington Post.


Companies must also give employees paid leave if they want to be vaccinated or recover from any side effects.

The new national rules will be formally published on Friday, the newspaper writes. Companies that do not comply with this risk hefty fines. These can amount to $13,000 (more than $11,000) per violation or $136,000 if the rules are deliberately ignored. In addition, companies may ask employees who refuse to be vaccinated to pay for their corona tests themselves.

The administration of President Joe Biden hopes with such measures to increase vaccination rates. So far, 222 million Americans have had at least one dose of a vaccine, but the level of vaccination coverage can vary significantly by region. Critics believe that such obligations go too far for companies. The rules are also expected to be challenged in court.

The new vaccination policy affects hundreds of thousands of companies and tens of millions of employees. Some Americans are already dealing with similar vaccination rules. For example, some companies and governments have already introduced a vaccination obligation beyond the new national measure. According to the newspaper, this is not seen as an entire vaccination obligation because employees can also be tested as an alternative.

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