Most US Officials Got A Corona Jab Before the Obligation Comes into Effect

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In the run-up to the vaccination requirement that comes into effect this Monday, more than 90 percent of US officials have already had themselves vaccinated at least once.


The “vast majority” are fully vaccinated, officials said without specifying an exact number. A total of 3.5 million workers are covered by the obligation announced by President Joe Biden in September.

The government expects that 95 percent of the employees involved will eventually meet the requirements. This is because they are fully vaccinated or are completing their vaccination, or applied for an exemption for a religious or medical reason.

The numbers suggest a relatively high vaccination rate among this group of officials compared to the U.S. population as a whole. But they also show that possibly 175,000 employees are not vaccinated and therefore do not follow the rules.

The government has repeatedly said it will not immediately suspend or fire unvaccinated workers. First, an attempt will be made to persuade those who refuse. The fact that 5 percent of the staff are not vaccinated would also have no consequences for the functioning of the government.

The American post and the judiciary, among others, are exempted from the vaccination obligation.

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