More Than 400 People Win Lottery Jackpot in Philippines, Survey Wanted

More Than 400 People Win Lottery Jackpot in Philippines, Survey Wanted

A raffle in the Philippines recently revealed 433 winners. A remarkably high number. But the series of figures they provided was also special. An investigation is requested. That writes BBC.

The highest number of people ever won the Grand Lotto in the Philippines. There were a total of 433 winners in rank 1. They had to guess six correct numbers in the correct order to win the prize pool of 236 million pesos.

Those six figures they had all filled in correctly were also special in themselves. It was a series of numbers that were all a multiple of nine: 09 – 18 – 27 – 36 – 45 – 54.

Koko Pimentel, the leader of the political minority in the country, thinks the situation is suspicious and has asked for an investigation. “The Philippine Republic authorizes these lotteries. That is why we must preserve and protect the integrity of these gambling games,” he said.

The lottery organizers have emphasized that the draw cannot be faked and also clarified that it is not uncommon in the Philippines for people to bet on a particular set of numbers. A multiple of nine, in this case.

When collecting her winnings, one of the winners told the organization that the winning combination had long been played in her family. Her mom and dad would argue about it because the multiples of nine series would be too hard to win. “I’ve been hearing it again and again for ten years,” she said.

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