More MPs are Leaving French President Macron’s Party

More MPs are Leaving French President Macron’s Party

Another seven MPs have left French President Emmanuel Macron’s party. The seven have founded their own party called Agir Ensemble.


Last week Macron already lost the majority in parliament when seventeen members of his party left and also founded their own party.

Agir Ensemble is the tenth parliamentary group in the French National Assembly, a record number in today’s France.

The seven renegade MPs said the new faction, while loyal to Macron’s La République en Marche (LREM), would be ‘agile’ and capable of shaking things up once the coronavirus is over.

The move reduces the number of LREM MPs in the chamber to 281, less than the absolute majority of 289.

The party had a large majority, with 314 seats, after the 2017 parliamentary elections and the rise of Macron.

The departed members are mainly frustrated by Macron’s tight grip on decision-making and his pro-business policy.

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