Monsoon Rains: India Hit by Heavy Floods and Mudflows

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Monsoon Rains: India Hit by Heavy Floods and Mudflows. In India, the monsoon rains have already killed 190 people. The south and west of the country are particularly affected by flooding and mudflows.


Rescue teams try to remove people from the disaster area. In total, more than 160,000 residents have been evacuated. There was a massive landslide in the southern state of Kerala, where at least 76 people died.

In total, more than 1.4 million people in India have been affected by the new flood.

Unlike in the past weeks, when the northeast of India and Nepal and Bangladesh were particularly affected, this is now the case in the west and the south of the country.

Flood has already cost 164 lives in South Asia, and rare rhinos are also the victims.

There are significant floods and landslides in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka on the west coast and Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the south.

In Kerala alone, 76 people died in a major landslide. Last year more than 230 people killed in monsoon rains in Kerala.

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