Model Accused Neymar Of Rape

Model Accused Neymar Of Rape

Model accused Neymar of Rape. The Brazilian model Najila Trindade, who was raped earlier this year by football player Neymar (27), now has her indictments on her pants.


The Brazilian authorities accuse the 26-year-old woman of having made up the whole thing.

The model is being charged with making a false declaration, defamation and extortion.

After all, she would have been planning the story of the footballer for some time so that she could steal money from him.

Najila told in various TV interviews that the Paris Saint-Germain player invited her to his hotel room in May where he subsequently attacked her.

The footballer denied this right away and even said he had several messages on his phone that would prove that it was a trap.

The case was closed in August because there was insufficient evidence against Neymar.

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