Meta May Soon No Longer Be Allowed to Sell Child Data

Meta May Soon No Longer Be Allowed to Sell Child Data

Facebook hasn’t done enough to protect user data. The Federal Trace Commission or FTC indicates this. Meta reacts furiously to some new measures proposed by the watchdog.

In 2020 (in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal), what was then Facebook was ordered to improve privacy on its platform. The company has not done that, says the American consumer watchdog FTC now. On the contrary, Facebook (now renamed Meta) would still give developers access to users’ private information.

It would also provide misleading information about products such as Messenger Kids, causing parents to misunderstand who can chat with their child and who has access to data about those minors. For example, a bug in that chat service for children made it possible for unauthorized persons to contact a child.

It’s the third time Facebook has broken the rules, the FTC says, and it’s now coming up with a new proposal. An amendment to the 2020 order prohibits Meta from launching any new products without first being reviewed by the FTC.

Meta would also be prohibited from making money with data from minors that it collects on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus. “Facebook has repeatedly broken its privacy promises,” said Samuel Levine, the FTC’s chief consumer protection officer, in a statement. Facebook now has 30 days to respond to the allegations officially.

Meta is certainly not set up with communication. A spokesperson reports to tech site Ars Technica that the new adjustments are a “political stunt” and that the company was not allowed to discuss these ideas.

The spokesperson also tries to play on the Sinophobia of some of the public (presumably American politicians) and regrets that “an American company is being targeted while Chinese companies such as TikTok can simply operate on American soil.” to fight.

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