Merkel Once Again Called for the Greatest Caution About the Corona Crisis

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has once again called for the greatest caution about the corona crisis.


“We cannot imagine ourselves in safety for a moment. It would be a shame if we were facing a relapse with open eyes,” Merkel said Monday after a meeting of the crisis cabinet.

Merkel emphasized that hard measures have achieved a lot, and the reproduction number of the infection chain has dropped below 1.

For several days, more cured patients have been registered than new cases of infection. “But we are still at the beginning and are far from ready,” she added.

The Chancellor advised the government leaders of the federal states not to relax the security measures to combat the pandemic too early and too far. She would like the jointly agreed margin “to be used as tightly as possible and not as widely as possible”.

“The situation we currently have is deceptive,” Merkel continued. “Because we will only see the effect of the reopening of many stores in fourteen days, not before.”

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