Massive Clash of Russian Soldiers Near Moscow

Massive Clash of Russian Soldiers Near Moscow

In Russia, a group of soldiers and a new batch of conscripts have been fighting each other instead of against Ukraine. Soldiers at a military base near the Russian capital Moscow demanded the new arrivals’ clothes and mobile phones.

A massive brawl then broke out, which the recruits eventually won, an internet portal reports.

The new soldiers are said to have beaten their tormentors so hard that about twenty locked themselves in a building and asked the police for help. Only after their arrival was the conflict settled. No one filed a report.

The brawl is part of a string of abuses in the partial mobilization ordered by President Vladimir Putin last month. According to media reports, the mobilization is chaotic in many places. Men are called up despite ailments or some other reason for exception.

Others have to fight without training. In many places there is a lack of clothing, equipment and food. According to a lawyer, at least six mobilized men died while still training.

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