Macron Wants Majority in Parliament to Prevent Chaos

Macron Wants Majority in Parliament to Prevent Chaos

French President Emmanuel Macron wants to secure a “strong and clear” majority for his political bloc in the parliamentary elections to “implement economic reforms and prevent further chaos”. Macron said this during a visit to the southern French region of Tarn.


“I would like to remind the French people of the importance of the choice they have before them from June 12. If the election of the President of the Republic is crucial, the election of deputies is decisive,” Macron said.

He added that any breakthrough for far-left and far-right parties in the election would add uncertainty to Ukraine’s existing problems and concerns about rising inflation. “Nothing would be more dangerous than adding a French disorder to a world disorder, as proposed by extremists,” Macron said in Tarn.

The French will go to the polls on Sunday for the first round of the parliamentary elections. Macron was re-elected as president in April and now wants to retain a majority in parliament, but it is not yet certain whether that will be possible. Macron’s bloc faces competition from both a far-left party, which has allied with the traditional left-wing Socialist Party, as well as right-wing parties such as Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National and Eric Zemmour’s far-right “ReconquĂȘte” group.

Macron needs 289 of the 577 seats to win a majority. Currently, ‘Ensemble citoyens’, the alliance of parties supporting Macron, is in the polls at 275 to 315 seats. He is therefore not yet assured of a majority, which is necessary to continue governing with the current cabinet.

Failure to secure an absolute majority would be a major setback for Macron. It would force him to form a coalition with other parties and appoint new ministers.

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