Macron Sees German and French Ideas Coming Together

Macron Sees German and French Ideas Coming Together

At a joint press conference with new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron said that he sees French and German ideas coming together. According to Macron, the countries have the same thoughts, especially about Europe.


During his first foreign visit as Chancellor, the French president addressed Scholz with the informal ‘tu’, French for you, Olaf’s first name.

“We both have a desire to work with our countries, and we have a strong and determined faith in Europe; I know we will need that in the months and years to come,” Macron said.

Scholz seemed to be mainly talking about the content in Paris. He said both countries see the need to do something about climate change. The Chancellor also discussed the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing and the situation in eastern Ukraine.

Scholz said he wants to talk to other countries about the Games, which are being boycotted by several countries because of China’s human rights violations in Xinjiang province. About Ukraine, the German said it is good that there has been a conversation between the US and Russia.

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