Lukashenko Furiously Strikes Off Stage After Being Booed

Lukashenko Furiously Strikes Off Stage After Being Booed

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko was so booed during a visit to a factory on Monday that he walked away from the stage in a rage.


The long-serving dictator has come under fire since the last election, which he claims to have won. Since the election, opposition supporters have taken to the streets in droves all over the country.

On Monday, many Belarusians, including factory workers and state television employees, went on strike in protest against Lukaysenko’s rule.

“Get out!” The workers at the MZKT tractor factory in Minsk chanted on Monday to Lukashenko, who was trying to make a speech to the factory workers. Hundreds of workers outside the factory waved the white-red-white flags of the opposition.

A visibly white-hot Lukashenko eventually walked off the podium. “Thank you, and I said everything. You can shout ‘go away'”, the president said.

“We intend to participate in all peaceful strikes, all peaceful protests,” said a road worker outside the MZKT factory.

“So that the government finally realizes that it is fighting against its own people.” Outside the main state television building, which is also on strike, around 600 people demonstrated.

“I know how scared you are because we are all scared,” said Maria Kolesnikova, one of the opposition leaders. Thank you for overcoming your fear and joining the majority.

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