Kremlin Denounces Finland’s Move Towards NATO Membership

Kremlin Denounces Finland’s Move Towards NATO Membership

The Kremlin denounces neighbouring Finland’s first step towards NATO membership. A spokesman said that a Finnish accession is “absolutely” seen as a threat to Russia.


Finland’s president and the prime minister announced on Thursday that they want to join NATO and that they want to achieve this goal as soon as possible. This step is regretted, said the Russian spokesman.

Russia strongly opposes further expansion of the military alliance. According to the spokesperson, that does not make Europe and the world “more stable or safer”. On the contrary, NATO is seen in Moscow as a threat to its own security.

In addition to Finland, Sweden also seems to want to join NATO. However, Russia has repeatedly spoken out against joining the alliance by the two countries. They have been warned several times by the Russian authorities about “serious political and military consequences”, including the use of nuclear weapons.

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