KLM Uses the Train As An Alternative to Short Flights

KLM Uses the Train As An Alternative to Short Flights

KLM is working on making the train more attractive as an alternative to short flights. The airline is looking at six destinations with distances of up to 700 kilometres that can also be reached by train.


These are Brussels, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Berlin.

Together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Schiphol, ProRail and the Dutch Railways, KLM has drawn up an action plan for this. That was sent to the Lower House on Friday. With the plan, the parties hope that travellers will take both the train and the plane, or that they will combine a train and air journey when transferring.

The six destinations studied are already easily accessible by rail. Before the corona pandemic, twelve trains a day ran between Amsterdam and Paris. For some time now there has been a direct train connection to London.

This makes the train an “attractive alternative to the plane”, KLM writes. The parties are also looking at options for extra stops at Schiphol for the trains to and from London and from Germany, and how best to transport luggage from the plane to the train.

At the beginning of this year, KLM introduced the so-called AirRail tickets, so that, for example, a traveller who wants to travel from Brussels to Hong Kong, travels between Brussels and Schiphol by train and only then catches the plane.

The parties want to improve this type of combination travel by shortening travel time, increasing the number of trains and finding luggage solutions. Further steps are being taken to this end in the action plan.

With the action plan, KLM could provide conditions for the government’s multi-billion-dollar support package. These conditions include that CO2 emissions must be reduced and the number of night flights must be reduced.

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