KLM Gives Travellers Whose Flights are Cancelled 15 Percent More Value in Vouchers

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KLM gives travellers whose flights are cancelled 15 percent more value in vouchers than they cost. The airline will also make all previously issued vouchers worth more.


With the move, KLM wants to make it more attractive for travellers to convert their tickets into a voucher.

On Thursday, KLM announced that it will also offer travellers whose flights will be cancelled from this week the opportunity to get a refund.

Recently, the airline only gave vouchers with government approval, but the European Commission has made it clear that this is not allowed. To allow travellers to opt for vouchers and to prevent the company from having to repay a lot of money, KLM is now offering extra value for the vouchers.

If the vouchers are not used after one year and are paid out, the 15 percent extra value lapses again. Then KLM will simply return the original ticket price.

The Consumers’ Association understands that KLM is trying to make the vouchers a more attractive choice, but remains of the opinion that customers who received a voucher before 14 May are also entitled to get their money back immediately.

The consumer protection organization also wonders whether the extra value will remain extra value if airline tickets may become more expensive.

“A guaranteed ticket to the same destination offers more security.”

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