Kim Kardashian Is Scared By Pigs

Kim Kardashian Is Scared By Pigs

Kim Kardashian is Scared by Pigs. Kim Kardashian is on holiday in the Bahamas. The reality star must have thought a great opportunity to visit the famous swimming pigs on the islet of Big Major Cay.


But the meeting did not go as intended.

Kim posted a video of herself, surrounded by a few pigs. “I was scared,” she added.

You can see how Kanye West’s wife tries to command the animals away from her. “Go there, pig,” she shouts.

Her family can be listened in the background, trying to talk her through the experience.

For sister Khloé, the meeting with the special pigs seems to have gone a bit better.

She posted a few photos of herself with daughter True on her arm in the water.

“True isn’t sure what she thinks about the pigs,” she wrote in the snapshots.

In another vacation photo, of himself with True walking along the water, Khloé got a nasty response from a follower.

“You know your baby is not an accessory, right?” To this,

 Khloé replied: “Do you want a parent NOT to make memories and traditions with her child?

 Do you want someone else to watch my child while I do these things alone? I am her mother, and I celebrate life every day with her.

True and I create magical memories TOGETHER FORever. “

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