Japanese Billionaire Gives Money Back to Twitter Followers

Japanese Billionaire Gives Money Back to Twitter Followers

A colourful Japanese businessman makes the money roll again. Yusaku Maezawa promises to give money away to his followers on Twitter.


A thousand people each receive 1 million yen. In total, the stunt will cost him more than 8 million euros. To be eligible, they must share his tweet. That has happened 4.1 million times so far.

Maezawa did the same last year, but then he was slightly more economical.

He distributed up to 100 million yen among a hundred followers of his account @ yousuck2020. That message has been retweeted more than 4.3 million times, making it the most shared message on Twitter ever.

Maezawa can easily afford it. His assets are estimated at around 2 billion dollars. Maezawa is the man behind the big Japanese fashion webshop Zozotown.

He sold that to Yahoo Japan.

Maezawa also bought a space trip from his assets. He has to fly around the moon with a SpaceX rocket in a few years and then return to Earth.

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