Iranian Teenager Arrested for Her Dance Videos on Instagram

Iranian Teenager Arrested for Her Dance Videos on Instagram

An 18-year-old Iranian woman was arrested last week because she had posted videos on Instagram in which she could be seen dancing. The gymnasium appeared in the videos invariably without a headscarf, which women in the country are obliged to wear in public.


Maedeh Hojabri danced both on Iranian and western music, writes AP news agency. It seems that she recorded the videos in her bedroom. She shared a total of 300 videos through various accounts, with which she collected many tens of thousands of followers.

On the state television, the young woman admitted yesterday that she would have acted morally reprehensible. She made this confession according to activists under pressure, a technique that the Iranian authorities would use more often. , I did not do it to attract attention ”, the woman said trembling and crying.

I had followers, and my videos were for them ”, she continued. “It was not my intention to encourage others to do this. I did not work with others, and I did not follow any training. I only do gymnastics. “

Countless people reacted indignantly to Hojabri’s arrest today. In protest, they shared videos of her now blocked accounts, who therefore travelled the world.

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