Iran Completely Abandons Provisions of the Nuclear Agreement

Iran Completely Abandons Provisions of the Nuclear Agreement

Iran is releasing the provisions of the 2015 nuclear agreement. That was announced tonight on the Iranian state television.


The agreement was mostly dead letter after US President Trump had cancelled it in 2018. The American attack on Iranian General Qassem Soleimani seems to be the final blow.

“The Iranian nuclear program will now be able to make rapid progress,” says Tom Sauer, professor of international politics.

The announcement of the news comes after a meeting of the Iranian National Security Council. “Iran is putting an end to the latest limits in the nuclear deal, in particular, the number of centrifuges,” the announcement said.

It also states that from now on the Iranian nuclear program is no longer bound by production limits or the extent to which uranium is enriched.

In practice, Iran had already violated many of the provisions of the nuclear agreement. The Iranians do say they are willing to reconsider their decision if the US should drop the heavy economic sanctions against them.

They also maintain cooperation with the international nuclear energy agency IAEA. That organisation oversees Iranian atomic activities.

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