iPhone and iPad Best Indicators for Wealth

iPhone and iPad Best Indicators for Wealth

Owning an iPhone or iPad is the best indication that the owner probably has a high income. That’s what economists from the University of Chicago conclude. In 1992 and 2004, the university also researched which products and brands say the most about the wealth of the owner.


In 2016, the university again examined answers from 6,394 people. Respondents received questions about their income and what kind of products and brands they use.

Of all the brands that ever occurred in the survey, the iPhone is the most indicative of a high income. According to the researchers, iPhone owners have a 69.1 percent chance of falling into the ‘high income’ category.

This concerns the 25 percent best-earning members of all kinds of income groups, such as families or single people.

Those who have an iPad, according to the researchers, have a high income in 66.9 percent of cases. An Android phone is in fourth place with 59.5 percent.

The rest of the list is very diverse; the use of soy sauce follows the possession of an Android device. Those who use the sauce from the brand Kikkoman have a high income in 59 percent of cases.

In 1992, the use of Dijon mustard from the brand Gray Poupon was still the most indicative of wealth: in 62.2 percent of cases, the user of the mustard had a high income. In 2004, the explicit non-use of a BIC brand lighter was indicative of having a high income.

“In all our data, no individual brand is as predictive about having a high income as an Apple iPhone in 2016,” the researchers conclude.

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