Interviews With Athletes During Games Maximum 90 Seconds

Interviews With Athletes During Games Maximum 90 Seconds

Interviews with athletes during the Olympic Games may last up to 90 seconds. The interviewers are obliged to wear a face mask, and athletes must not wear this during the interview.


The organization of the Tokyo event has announced this.

Athletes are also often required to wear a mouth mask except while eating, drinking, sleeping, training or participating in competitions. Athletes and officials are also asked to keep contact with others to a minimum.

The script further states that all people going to Japan must have a smartphone and download two apps for health reporting and source and contact research. Athletes receive a Samsung smartphone.

A conclusion on whether or not to allow the public will not be taken until June. The chance that the stadiums will be complete is minimal, according to the organizers. “There may come a time when we have to decide to let the Games take place behind closed doors,” said Seiko Hashimoto, head of the organizing committee.

Athletes are vaccinated in many countries. Even 60 percent of all participants in the Paralympic Games have already been vaccinated.

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