Instagram: No Posting of Photographs Without Permission

Instagram: No Posting of Photographs Without Permission

Messaging platform Instagram has clarified that websites must have the permission of the photographers to post or ’embed’ posts.


Instagram says its usage rules don’t license websites to “ embed ” or post others’ posts.

The platform reports that following a lawsuit that was finalized in New York last week. There, a photographer sued Newsweek magazine for using one of his Instagram photos.

The New York judge declared the case admissible.

It’s not the first time anyone has sued a medium for posting Instagram posts. A judge in another case, around the Mashable site, saw the posting of messages as permitted.

Instagram now makes it clear that users retain the copyright of their photos and that they themselves have the right to consent to the use of that protected material.

They are also given the right to sue publications or sites that use that material, even if it is posted via the ’embed’ function.

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