Instagram Announces New Measures Against Bullies

Instagram Announces New Measures Against Bullies

Instagram Announces new Measures against Bullies. Instagram has announced new measures to combat online bullying.


For example, it uses text recognition software to discourage insults.

Instagram has carefully taken the first steps to curb online bullying.

The company is rolling out a new measure in which users are notified when they want to send something too.

Instagram knows which sentences are most frequently reported and are referred to as ‘harassment or intimidation’.

Around these sentences, the company has developed an algorithm that can recognise these sentences before sending.

The sender is then advised not to send this, but can still ignore the message.

In the example, Instagram mentions the reaction “You are so ugly and stupid”,

 after which Instagram delivers the message “Are you sure you want to send this?”

For the time being, the warning only works for English-speaking Instagram users.

Restrict user
It will also soon be possible to ban bullies from your Instagram account, without him or her noticing.

With the ‘Restrict’ option, responses from the bully are no longer visible, only to the bully itself.

You can, however, give permission per response to allow it.

Instagram chooses this because many users are afraid that a bullying situation will escalate,

 when the bully knows that he is being blocked or followed.

“Even when use drops”
According to Instagram boss Adam Mosseri, these are only the first steps for the company.

“We continue to invest in understanding better and addressing this issue.

I look forward to sharing more updates soon,” Mosseri writes in a blog post.

In an interview, he indicated that he wanted to go far with these measures.

“We are going to make decisions that mean that people will use Instagram less, but that keep users safer.”

Under fire
Instagram is particularly under pressure in Great Britain and Malaysia due to the facilitation of online harassment.

There it led to multiple suicides.

Harassment is also taking place via Instagram in the Netherlands.

The company was sued in 2016 by a mother from Hoorn,

 who wanted to know who was behind a fake account that distributed nude photos under the name of her daughter.

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