India Government to Set New Lockdown

India Government to Set New Lockdown

In India, pressure is growing on the government to reinstate a national lockdown. On Monday, authorities reported more than 366,000 new corona infections and 3,754 deaths from the virus.


Many hospitals are facing shortages of beds and medical oxygen for critically ill patients.

The figures do not provide a complete picture. The Indian corona figures are often lower on Mondays because less testing is done on weekends. Experts also warn that the actual numbers of infections and deaths are likely to be much higher than the authorities report.

India has reported more than 22 million infections and a death toll of more than 246,000 since the virus outbreak began. The country with 1.4 billion inhabitants registered 4187 new deaths from the coronavirus on Saturday, the most significant daily increase so far.

Some local and regional authorities have already instituted lockdowns themselves. This happened in the capital New Delhi, among other places. The interest group of doctors IMA accuses the national authorities of being too passive. The group is demanding a nationwide lockdown to counter the second wave of the virus.

The American authorities are also involved in the discussion. Anthony Fauci. Top medical adviser to the White House told ABC that he advised the Indian authorities to shut down the country. According to him, this can prevent the virus from spreading even further.

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided on a nationwide lockdown last year. That then led to chaotic situations. Millions of people were suddenly out of work and left the big cities. They often had to walk long distances to get home.

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